July 10, 2013

Want to know how to beat the market? “Sure,” you may say, “it’s possible. If I spent my every waking hour researching undervalued companies.”


But, what if I told you I had a fool proof way for those with time to spare to win against the market, without searching rummag...

February 15, 2013

I met with a couple recently to deliver their financial plan, and throughout the first half of the meeting we laughed repeatedly as they seemed to have guessed my recommendations and either did or planned on doing exactly what I had written down.


They’ve been contribut...

December 6, 2012

First off, if this situation applies to you then let me say… “Congratulations!”


You’re doing a great job of saving for your future, and it will be well worth it down the road.

For many, saving to your employer plan may not be enough. You may have progressed in your care...

September 13, 2012

The financial industry wants to make sure you are fully aware you left something behind at your old employer. That retirement account that is “just sitting” there needs to be moved over to an IRA for you to invest in someone else’s mutual funds or investment products.



June 25, 2012

I first met with Steven and Janice (names changed) a few years ago. They had always saved somewhere around 5% of their salary, but at times dipped into that amount when emergencies would pop-up.


Steven, a manager of services for a school district, is the family’s main...

June 13, 2012

As graduates seek to start their careers, many have high expectations, and many questions on how to get ahead. Below are four things I’ve learned over the course of my first decade in the working world.


  1. Save. Save now. Savings will not only allow you to retire one...

May 14, 2012

I meet with individuals on a daily basis that have different perceptions of the world, and how they should react with their portfolio:

  •  I’m worried about what’s going on in the world, I want to sell out of international stocks.

  • International stocks have been do...

April 23, 2012

Have you ever worked at a job that gave you access to more of something than you could ever want?


You might be a pizza lover, but let me assure you from my own experience that a few weeks of full time work at a pizza shop will lessen that craving quite a bit. The same...

March 12, 2012

When it comes to estate planning it is not only important to have the right documents, but it is crucial to have thought through the people who will be the beneficiaries, child custodians, and especially any individuals who will hold power of attorney over your affairs...

February 28, 2012

Tax filing season is underway and while you still may not have all of your forms, below are a few of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in preparing returns this year:


Not keeping records. People generally panic when the IRS inquires about items on their returns. As long a...

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July 17, 2019

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