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Clear Investing, Intentional Investing

Get on the path to purposeful wealth.

Our clearly laid out plan will explain how to structure a portfolio for your goals. Clear Investing, Intentional Investing will show you:

-How to find your way with G.P.S. Investing(tm)
-Where most investors take the wrong turn when implementing their investment plan
-Investing principles and myths

independent financial advice and investment manager online

Avoid Retirement Clumsiness

Not presently available... update coming soon!


Clumsy approaches to investment planning are a silent portfolio killer.

Too many investors pay hefty investment costs for strategies and promises that in the end have no place in their overall planning strategy.

The result of portfolio clumsiness is often years of additional work, extreme anxiety over economic conditions, and overpaying for gimmicky products that provide less security than proven methods.

This booklet is a CFA client education piece describing one 'anti-clumsiness' tool, a bond ladder, and its use as a core approach to retirement income; as well as how it fits within a G/P/S Investing approach.

Whether you are just starting to plan for retirement, or need to take your investments back from clumsy strategies, this booklet will give you information on how a properly structured bond ladder provides greater guarantees and diversification benefits than most packaged financial products.

Bring order and security to your life by eliminating your retirement clumsiness!